You may return an item for any reason. It couldn’t be easier—simply follow the instructions outlined in our return policy.

To begin the return process, you must make a request via your French Philosophy account within 14 days of receiving your order.

Our return policy


To return your purchase, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Log in to your French Philosophy account. Under “My Orders,” click on Returns / Exchanges.
  • Click on “New Return Request” and select the relevant order: “Select this order.”
    Check the item or items and appropriate quantities to be returned and indicate your preference for a refund, store credit or exchange.
    For an exchange, you must also select the product you wish to receive in exchange. The exchange will be made upon receipt of the return of your original item and is subject to availability.
    If you would like to exchange an item you ordered for a different item, we will provide you with a store credit and you will need to submit a new order using the credit in your account.
  • Submit your request for exchange or return. If you reside within metropolitan France, to facilitate your return, a pre-printed, pre-paid label and a return form will be available for download in your French Philosophy account within 48 hours. Please print these for your use. You must attach the return shipping label to the outside of your package and include the pre-printed return form inside the package for our reference. The shipping label has two parts. Please retain the second portion of the label as proof of shipping after it has been stamped by the shipper upon receipt for shipping. Please note that for any returns shipped from outside metropolitan France, all shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility and French Philosophy will not pay international or overseas shipping charges.
  • If you are located outside metropolitan France, please use the shipper of your choice. It is the customer’s responsibility to retain proof of shipping and return acceptance by our warehouses. We strongly recommend that you declare the value of any merchandise that is returned and insure it against loss. Once the return has been received at our warehouse, you will be reimbursed for the relevant item(s) within 14 days by credit to your credit or debit card or by check (depending on which payment method was used for the original order).

Fees and timetable


It is important to note that you have 14 days from receipt of your item(s) to notify us that you would like to make a return and to send it back to us. After this 14-day period, a 10% fee will be applied to the value of your order and only store credit will be issued.


We regret that we must reject returns that do conform to our stated return policy. Please read the official return policy as explained in our terms and conditions of sale.

1- If you have chosen to receive a refund, as soon as we receive the returned item, we will issue you a refund with the same method of payment used when the order was originally placed:

  • If you paid for the entire amount of your order with one check, your refund will be issued by check.
  • If you used our three-check payment option, we will return any checks that have not yet been cashed and refund the amount of any cashed checks.
  • If you paid by credit or debit card, we will credit the appropriate amount to your card.

2- If you have chosen to receive an exchange, it will be expedited once the return has been received, subject to availability.
If you would like to exchange an item you ordered for a different item, we will provide you with a store credit and ask you to submit a new order.

3- If you have chosen to receive store credit, once we have received the returned item, we will apply a credit to your account that may be used for a future order.


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