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    With its elegant and extravagant design, the Mystique Zalto decanter has been designed to reveal the best flavours of the greatest wines. The unique shape of this decanter and its large surface area allow the wine to breathe and develop. This decanter is ideal for decanting powerful, full-bodied wines. 

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    Zalto's Gravitas Omega glass combines aesthetics with functionality and is designed to highlight all the qualities of the wine. An eye-catching glass with elegant aesthetics that will enchant any gourmet table. We recommend this glass for tasting red wines, where depth, character and richness are the key words.

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    With its grandiose design, the Zalto Bourgogne glass has been made to bring out the nuances of the most powerful and expressive wines.  The unique shape of the chalice increases the surface area occupied by the wine, allowing the liquid to breathe more and reveal its soft, fruity notes. 

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    This unique Zalto Bordeaux glass has been designed to accentuate the characteristics of the best red wines - extracts, power, tannins and density are combined to bring out the perfect flavour in this glass. 

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    This delicate, elegant and light Zalto champagne flute is the perfect glass for all special occasions. With precision and accuracy, the glass reveals all the nobility of the world's finest sparkling wines. This exceptional champagne flute adopts the shape of the classic flute to better exalt the hidden structure of the wine and enrich this noble experience.

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    With its elegant design, the Zalto universal glass embodies a complete glass for both red and white wines. This mouth-blown crystal glass enhances the harmony, subtlety and richness of a wide range of wines. It is suitable for deep and honest wines such as white Burgundy, Chardonnay or Château Brane Cantenac. It is ideal for entering the Zalto universe.

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    Beer glasses 350 mL from Zalto.

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    This glass is perfect for use as a cocktail or water glass. As thin and light as a feather, the Zalto stemless water glass may seem too fragile to drink from. Zalto's designers and glassblowers have worked for almost two years to perfect the proportions, materials and techniques used, with the aim of providing you with an unforgettable sensory experience...

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    French Philosophy presents this elegant collection in mouth-blown crystal with incredible finesse in the best lead-free crystal. Zalto sets the world standard in wine tasting. The nuances, aromas and fruity notes are truly brought out in these glasses. Every great oenological experience begins with the right Zalto glass. 

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