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Champagne Cuvée GRANDE SENDREE 2009

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55% Pinot Noir, 45% Chardonnay Issue one locality Soil "crayot" Elegance Very low sulfur Liqueur dosage matured in oak Unfiltered

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Capacity 0.75l
Material 55 % Pinot Noir / 45 % Chardonnay

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The Grande Sendrée is named after a plot of land that was covered in ash (cendres) after the fire that ravaged Urville in 1836. A spelling error was introduced when the land surveying record was copied and Sendrée is still written today with an "S" instead of a "C." Grown in slightly chalky soil, the Chardonnay reveals its elegance while the leading Pinot Noir contributes its strength. Only the juice from the first pressing (the cuvée) is used. Low-pressure mechanical wine presses. Gravity is used instead of pumps. Low-temperature fermentation takes place for approximately two weeks. The next step is natural and full malolactic fermentation. No filtration is used. 32% of the wines are cask-aged for a period of nine months. After bottling, the cuvée is then cellar-aged sur latte for seven years. Dosage: 5 g/l Its color is speckled with golden hues. The Grande Sendrée is subtle in its use of the aroma of dried fruit, a touch of smoke and honey. It also recalls citrus and stone fruit flavors. Its heady flavor, depth and complex structure make it a stand out. Perfect as an aperitif. An excellent accompaniment for shellfish to grapefruit, scallops to poultry. Serve at 7° C.


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