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The art of living well is many things—a lifestyle approach, local food, gastronomy, quality service, a welcoming attitude, arts of the table, the art of welcoming others into your space, a special atmosphere, an elegance and a certain emotional way of thinking. It’s a unique savoir-faire and a unique state of being.


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  • 190,00 € 31,67 € In Stock

    The pleasure of a Millime in a flute contributes to the enjoyment of an exceptional year. 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay.

    31,67 €
    x 6 (190,00 €)
  • 174,49 € 29,08 € In Stock

    This unique Zalto Bordeaux glass has been designed to accentuate the characteristics of the best red wines - extracts, power, tannins and density are combined to bring out the perfect flavour in this glass. 

    29,08 €
    x 6 (174,49 €)
  • 174,50 € 29,08 € In Stock

    With its elegant design, the Zalto universal glass embodies a complete glass for both red and white wines. This mouth-blown crystal glass enhances the harmony, subtlety and richness of a wide range of wines. It is suitable for deep and honest wines such as white Burgundy, Chardonnay or Château Brane Cantenac. It is ideal for entering the Zalto universe.

    29,08 €
    x 6 (174,50 €)
  • 49,17 € 49,17 € In Stock

    Drappier's savoir-faire used for a white made from black grapes (Blanc de Noirs). Notes of quince. The magnum advantage: the bigger the bottle, the better the bubbly. Currently, a third of the vineyard is organic. The remaining two-thirds is in the process of being converted to organic. The goal is for the entire vineyard to be 100% certified organic.

    49,17 €


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